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My blog is a little different: I write tales of Brooklyn then and now, what I remember and what I imagine. I was born in Greece and came to Brooklyn when I was just six. I remember staring at the streets of Brooklyn from the window of my aunt's apartment on Bay Ridge Avenue and wondering how black the streets looked in America and how big the cars. We lived in Montreal and Chicago when I was growing up, but visited our relatives in Brooklyn for the holidays, and then we moved to Brooklyn ourselves and I went to P.S. 104 for two years. My friends were Tubby and Poe (his real name was Frank Lazzaro and I could never get a straight answer about why they called him Poe) and also Alfred. I used to visit Alfred's house, the big apartment building on Narrows Avenue and take the elevator upstairs to his apartment so we could race his slot cars. His brother called me the kid with the ears, because my ears stuck out then. I was supposed to go to Brooklyn Tech, but it was the teacher's strike and I went back to Chicago for three years, before I returned and finished Fort Hamilton back in Brooklyn. I also went to Brooklyn College, where I met my wife, the Brooklyn Madonna. I've worked at my writing all my life (journalism, plays, screenplays, short stories, novels) and currently live in Brooklyn, which moves me still, after all these years, and seems to speak to me even more as I get older. The stones do speak in Brooklyn: their resonance is haunting.

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